The Blue Fox

I am almost done with the Blue Fox. The colors are so beautiful orange, brown and a vivid blue. There is a fox that lives around my house and I see it from time to time. One morning it was sitting on my patio. When I re-design my lower level with a bar area this blue fox will have a prominent place. My plan is to I find hanging bar lights that pick up the colors: blue, orange, burnt orange, brown; so there will be a fox outside and a fox inside.

Today was a great day in San Francisco. I stopped at the Britex Fabric store and found the perfect fabric for the Blue Fox ( The staff was so enthusiastic and helpful and encouraging and of course as we talked about fabric and color and texture we shared our stories. Our life stories about how color is the way we see the world, our families, our reality and the art we create is the memory of a life well lived. Last week my neighbor posted a picture of the real fox walking along the street in front of her house. It was early morning, the sun was just rising and the cold, cold snow covered everything. The shadows on the snow looked blue, just like my needlepoint; reality, and art coming together to make something new- a new pattern, the Blue Fox.

Norrie A. Thomas

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