Stitching and Philosophy

What are the things that you think about when you stitch; the pattern, family, crisis of the day or just a calm sense of relief that you can sit and stitch. The emptiness is great, sometimes. Watching an old but favorite movie while stitching is like being with an old friend; stitching and Agatha Christie do it for me. I’m a lover of British mysteries, where the complex, confusing, no sense death and destruction end with a neat explanation of the complexities and answer to the “Why” and the “How”? Wish everyday could end with the “Why” and the “How”. I found Dorothy Sayers and PD James late in life. They are such great authors where every word is well placed, necessary, important, and all absolutely needed for the “Why” and the “How”. The same is true of the stitch. The project seems so great, so large, so complex, but the, stitch one by one builds toward the end; very much like a good murder mystery. Very much like life. You stitch and stitch and at the end the puzzle is done, the colors blend; you have a work of art. I finish my needlework as works of arts. I gaze at them from time to time and marvel at the beauty. The finished project is more than the thread and the canvas and the finished project; somehow my thoughts got woven into the work along the way.There is an Agatha Christie story where Hercules Poirot solves the mystery by examining a sculpture made by an artist who is a potential suspect. He sees the “thoughts” of the sculpture in her work. The truth is revealed and the mystery of this life is solved. I like to think my thoughts are intertwined with the stitches.

Norrie A. Thomas

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