Why Work

Why work?
There is a wonderful essay written by Dorothy Sayers called “Why Work”. In the essay she says that work should be an expression of your soul a way for your inner being to sing and to create. We call needlepoint work; it is, each stitch, over and over again. To me the work of stitching creates a longing, an expression of “I can’t wait to get home to needlepoint, to feel the thread, to see how much of the canvas I can cover and how whatever I am working on will change. That doesn’t sound like work. It isn’t work as we usually describe; “got to get to work, wish I wasn’t working this fine day”, etc. Needlepointing for me is entering a creative force that pulls me, that creates a longing. I have been blessed in my life, because my needlework has that creative force and so did my profession pharmacy and business; I weaved both into my life, of family, friends, lovers and stitches; stitches I made, over and over again, the same but different each time. When I am gone, I hope people pass one of my pillows, and hold it; they will hold me, and I will hold them.
I think needlepoint is art-many might disagree. Needlepoint is the repeated stitching- work- of covering a canvas. The stitches are over and over, one by one, life is like that one by one each day until at the end you have a canvas- your life. I had to be taught how to needlepoint- it was not intuitive. I needed a teacher and many mentors. The canvas can be a picture, a pillow, a rug, a table covering- figuring out the final product is creative. So where is the art? The weaving of 25 years and the picture of my life- the Needlepointer; each stitch was a moment in my life. I want the final product (still in progress) to reflect the beauty of each one moment, building on the other creates, and so the book.

Norrie A. Thomas

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